Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Courtesy is King

In times of the “customer is king” mantra we, the customers, tend to look down on those who serve us. Customer service clerks, phone operators, cabin crew, bus drivers all get paid for serving us and ought to put up with all we say and do. We complain, therefore, frequently and vociferously, presumably to get better service next time. But ironically, it’s positive reinforcement that tends to produce the most improvements, not negative one. Yet giving compliments each time we are happy with the product / service that we receive is often overlooked. If we really feel so strong about helping shape a better experience for ourselves, courteousness and gratitude should be the order of the day. Not criticisms and complaints. And not via a survey, but personal, face-to-face “thank you" each time we feel delighted. Customer may be king, but courteous customer is a happy one.